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What To Expect

  • Pre and post-travel consultations
  • Routine, recommended and required vaccinations administered on site, including malaria, hepatitis A + B and cholera
  • Prescriptions + Medical Advice on site
  • Destination-specific education + information

Each client fills out a medical history and travel itinerary from which we are able to design a client and destination specific regimen of vaccinations – both recommended and required ( as with the yellow fever vaccination). These recommendations are based not only on location of travel, but the season, and incorporate any planned activities which may alter risk. In addition, advice is given with respect to safe food and water handling in order to avoid illness, as well as an assessment, again based on itinerary, of malaria risk and the need for malaria prophylaxis.

With each client travelling out of the country we give instructions on how to register with the Canadian government for their itinerary such that the local Canadian embassy will be aware of their presence in the case of natural disaster or any situation which may involve evacuation. As a further service we also provide contact information on local medical treatment centers consistent with your specific itinerary.  These clinics generally have  physicians who speak English and who are members of the International Society of Travel Medicine.

Dr. Peter Seviour is a member of the international society of travel medicine (ISTM), and oversees each consult and writes appropriate travel recommendations that are consistent with both Health Canada and CDC guidelines. The consults are also reviewed using a members-only website that not only incorporates the above, but includes European recommendations. Also please note that we are a designated Health Canada yellow fever vaccination site.

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